JYQ-07 EX Mini Fuel Dispenser
JYQ-07 EX Mini Fuel Dispenser
  • JYQ-07 EX Mini Fuel Dispenser
  • Dispenser
  • Model
    Flow Rate
    Flow Meter
    Gross Weight
    JYQ-07 EX
    12V / 24V
    Piston Flow Meter
    2m suction hose 6m delivery hose

About This Product

Streamlined appearance design, simple, generous.; High precision flowmeter makes metering more accurate and life longer.; Large LCD display (with light switch) and stainless steel.; can be directly connected to the background computer.; Excellent electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference performance.; Rainproof, moisture-proof, sand-proof and explosion-proof.; Can also personalized function high-end customization.

1. Pump: self priming vane pump

2. Meter: High accuracy BENNETT Piston Flow Meter, +/-0.3%

3. Motor: 1 motor of 550W of 12v, 24v, 

4. Display: Liter: 0-9999.99

                  Sale: 0-9999.99

                  Price: 0-99.99

5. Nozzle holder

6. 2 m 1" suction hose

7. 6 m 3/4" delivery hose

8. Automatic fuel nozzle

9. Lockable metal box


· Small size, light weight, easy to move

· Low running cost, compact size and flexibility

· The combination pump and easy maintenance

· Flow meter high precision, long life, reliability

· Good electromagnetic compatibility and interence

· It can display volume, weight, amount and unit price

· It can be rationed by liter and amount. The refueling data is displayed on the LCD clearly

· It is designed for private diesel-fuel dispenser

· Max flow: 50 L /min or 90 L/min;

· This type combined by Nozzle, Display, Keyboard

· Bennett Flow meter. Technical index and parameter

· Accuracy:±0.3%

· Power: DC12v or DC24v 

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