HRO1215 Oil Hose Reel
HRO1215 Oil Hose Reel
  • HRO1215 Oil Hose Reel
  • Lubrication
  • Model
    Hose Length
    Working Pressure
    Gross Weight
    BSP / NPT 1/2" or 3/8''
    15m or as client request
    150 Bar

Oil Hose Reel

This HRO1215 Spring Rewind Oil Hose Reel projected to work up to 150 BAR pressures.

It can be used in industries, workshops, service stations, garages, etc. They are built with high standard quality and attention to material to provide high performance.



1. The 4 reel ball bearings on the arms facilitate the unrolling of the hose. Avoiding fiction that would cause a gradual deterioration

2. The hose can be locked at the desired length

3. Ratchet prevents unlock when hose is completely extended

4. Corrosion Resistant: the hot galvanized

5. Steel structure is molded and coated with electrostatic polyesterpowder UV rays resistant

6. Easy and versatile installation through the rotating support plate andthe adjustable arm positions

7. Spring-Driven retractable hose

8. Compatibility: All bolts and nuts use stainless steel



1. Spring- driven double arm hose reel

2. Designed to transfer Oil

3. Heavy-duty construction for long life in industrialand automotive applications

4. High-quality impact resistant steel drum

5. Maximum working pressure 150bar

6. All fittigs(fluid pass) in CuZn40Pb2 ( Brass )

7. Wall, ceiling or floor mounted

8.BSP / NTP 1/2" or 3/8" Inlet/Outlet

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