LLY-25 Measuring Manual  Nozzle with digital meter
LLY-25 Measuring Manual  Nozzle with digital meter
  • LLY-25 Measuring Manual Nozzle with digital meter
  • Nozzle
  • Model
    Flow Range
    Meter Value
    BSP / NPT 1''

About this production:

1. LLY electric flow meter fuel injector nozzle is the combination of horizontal helix flow meter & oil gun.

2. Used to measure volume of liquid flew pass the pipe (such as gasoline, diesel, engine oil, hydraulic oil, etc).

3. It’s with the merits of accurate measurement, convenient carrying, flexible use, small volume and light weight.

4. Frequently used in highway engineering construction, factories or other sites.

The manual nozzle with flowmeter composed of Counter, metering chamber and main body etc. three parts. Among them, the electronic digital displayer is composed of magnetic coupler, accumulation indicator and zero-resetting device etc. mechanism. The metering chamber is composed of core rack, impeller, worm wheel and worm. The main body is composed of meter shell, oil inlet and outlet tank and valve mechanism etc.

Grasp firmly the bending handle. When the valve opens, the liquid will pass through the oil tank and flow into the metering chamber, and under the action of liquid, the impeller will produce torque to rotate. The rotation speed of impeller will be reduced by worm wheel, worm and gear, and driven by the magnetic coupler, the electronic digital displayer will carry out calculation, so that the volume quantity of liquid passing through the pipe can be read out.

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