SM-50-1 Positive Dispacement Flow Meter
SM-50-1 Positive Dispacement Flow Meter
  • SM-50-1 Positive Dispacement Flow Meter
  • Flow meter
  • Model Number
    Volume per revolution
    Flow Rate
    Work Temperature
    50mm / 2"
    0.4L/0.1US Gallons
    40L/min - 400L/min
    -40℃ ~ +60℃


Excellent stepless adjusting mechanism allows a micro adjustment of the meter
High accuracy and repeatability over the widest range of flow; Superior accuracyat constant flow
Low maintenance, no metal-to-metal contact in measuring chamber, long life service
Low pressure loss, a true gravity flow meter
Accracyregardless of pressure fluctuations, temperature variation, viscosity
Choice of aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel materials of construction

SM Series Positive Displacement Vane Meter with pulser, it offers the measurement for custody transfer of petroleum, diesel products, aviation fuels, shipping fuels, and a broad of industrial liquids. SM series flow vane meters are mainly used in many industries.

Characteristics of SM Flow Meter with Pulser:

1. Stepless adjusting mechanism allow a micro adjustment of the meter;

2. Special designed Manifold in line separates from measuring chamber to avoid stress coming from the installation;

3. Low head loss;

4. The flow meter has roto-blades for easy and low maintenance cost,And it features simple construction;

5. Wearing compensation to maintain a good accuracy all along the years;

6. Meter also for viscous products up to 800 Cst.

Application of SM Flow Meter with Pulser:

The flow meter is used in many industries. It can be used by oil companies for refineries, oil depots, gas stations and tank trucks distribution, in airports for aircraft refueling, in the army for depot reception or loading trucks, for ports in boats/barges, for administration for railway companies, and public transport and in private oil transport companies.


Manifold: steel or Aluminium;

Body: Ni-resist cast Iron;

Covers: Steel kanigen;

Rotor: aluminium;

Baldes: carbon;

Bearings: stainless steel.

as clients choose

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Volume Per Revolution0.4L/0.1US Gallons2.27L/0.6US Gallons
Max. Flow Rate400L/Min1333L/Min
Min. Flow Rate40L/Min133.3L/Min


Temperature Ramge

Max. Viscosity800cps/3850 SSU

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